This is a unique opportunity to promote you products and know-how, to initiate and develop customer relationships, to develop your networtk and to show your innovative capacity.

Admission to the exhibition

Unless an express exemption is granted by the organiser, to be accepted exhibitors must be:
- lcorporate bodies incorporated into companies, groupings of companies, groupings of professionals or organisations who have been formally constituted and registered on the companies register - or on an equivalent organisation in foreign countries – for more than a year and who belong to a country recognised by the international community (reference countries)
- and satisfy one of the following criteria:

•    has a manufacturing base in at least one of the reference countries, in at least one of the following fields:
-    The study, manufacture, maintenance, repair, modernisation of naval defence and naval aviation equipment and equipment belonging to the marine sector
-    The equipment, support, operational training, protection of personnel called upon to use this equipment
-    Security and the protection of defence installations
-    The manufacture of materials, devices, accessories or specific components of naval defence and naval aviation equipment.
•    carries out promotion, sales, provision of services or advice concerning naval defence or maritime safety,
•    carries out publishing of magazines, catalogues, documentation or lists of defence equipment.

The authorised service activities must not be displayed on other stands than the one that they have been individually allocated to.

The following exhibitors cannot be accepted:
-    agents or intermediaries not officially recognised by a reference country,
-    companies or organisations that only have the purpose of importation for immediate resale,
-    companies or organisations whose head office is located in a country subject to an embargo decided upon by the United nations Organisation (UN) by the European Union (EU) or by the French authorities.

The organiser reserves the right to give a final decision to refuse applicant direct or indirect exhibitors. The organiser is not obliged to give reasons for his decision.
Also, a decision to accept an applicant may be cancelled at any time by the organiser who obtains information, which if it was known at the outset, would have resulted in a refusal of the application.

This cancellation of the acceptance decision will lead to the reimbursement of the amount already paid by the exhibitor.
No compensation or damages can be claimed. Acceptance is personal.

Companies who are members of groupings of companies (GIE – enconomic interest grouping, Associations, etc.) cannot exhibit on collective stands unless all the companies who are members of the group have been individually accepted as exhibitors and have undertaken to pay the registration fees.

In this case, the direct exhibitors who have become co-exhibitors, who have each made a paying participation application, can be authorised by the exhibition to carry out a group presentation. Indirect exhibitors on the other hand – duly and expressly approved by the exhibition at the request of an exhibitor – display their authorised products or services on the direct exhibitor’s stand who bears the pecuniary obligations and the responsibility with respect to the Exhibition rules, the technical, employment and legal rules applicable to exhibitions.

Equipment banned on the exhibition

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practical information

Attention: this year the Euronaval 2020 Exhibition was online from Monday, October 19 to Sunday, October 25, 2020