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Destination innovation with the SEAnnovation area

Resolutely focused on the future and technologies of the future, EURONAVAL 2020 had, once again, been THE exhibition for discovery and innovation.
Given the success of this initiative, SEAnnovation is being renewed for this 2022 edition.

We will inform you as soon as possible.



This space is designed to welcome and promote 30 or so start-up companies from France and abroad in a dedicated area, with round tables, keynotes and pitches over 5 days.

All start-ups involved in defence or dual civil-defence technological innovations are invited to exhibit in the SEAnnovation space.

For the selected start-ups, this will be an exceptional opportunity to make themselves known and to present their projects to contractors in the global shipbuilding industry.



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Here are the startups selected in 2020 :





Akselos is the creator of the world’s most advanced engineering simulation technology – the Digital Guardian. Founded in 2012 and with operations in Europe, the USA, and South East Asia. The company’s products are designed specifically to help protect the world’s critical infrastructure with real-time, condition-based monitoring for large critical assets. Using patented algorithms developed over 15 years of research at MIT and funded by the US Department of Defense, Akselos’ Digital Guardian solution is helping the energy sector optimize operations and lower operating costs, and extend the life of ageing assets. .




Amiral Technologies is a spin-off of the French National Research Centre CNRS.  Its innovation is the result of 10 years in academic research in Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Control Theory. Its technology revolutionizes the processing of IIoT data for critical, complex and high value-added industrial sectors.

At the heart of its innovation is its Automatic Feature Generation algorithm for industrial time series, whatever their nature. This innovation allows Amiral Technologies to bring to market high performance predictive models able to learn with little or no historical failure data. They are quick to adapt to the needs of our industrial customers and their specific equipment context.




Carbon Waters holds an unparalleled expertise in high quality aqueous graphene dispersion production. Our expertise targets three main applications which are: Material resistance: protection against corrosion, radiations and acids, Thermal management: thermal dissipation (heat transfert fluids, Thermal Interface Materials...) and thermal conductivity (polymers, composites...) Metal substitution: electric conductivity, lightness.




Founded in 2015, CERBAIR is a French security and defense company, which was created to respond to incidents generated by malicious drones. Our mission is to offer the most cost-effective solutions on the market and give the possibility to any  entity to protect their airspace.

We are addressing an original but worrying problem with government departments (MOD, MOI), special forces, police and customs. Our solutions deliver 80% of the performance levels of defense giants for 5% of their prices. This "disruptive" technological approach now allows the civilian market (ports, shipyards...) to protect itself like any sensitive strategic infrastructure.




Delfox is an IA-first start-up developing autonomous and learning systems (SAA ™), with the particularity of learning situations encountered and adapting to them accordingly. The contribution of our solutions will be based on the ability to learn gradually throughout their launch in production, providing their learning explanation. The Delf.3A is a software development kit that allows:

- engineers to design cooperative autonomous agents via our kernel for end users

- the use of a powerful AI engine to solve complex use cases

- to guarantee an explicable and certifiable technology




D-ICE Engineering is a deeptech with the ambition to help the maritime industry to reach its United Nations sustainable development goals, namely: improve safety of life at sea, reduce carbon footprint, produce clean energy, with science and technology, by developing intelligent & innovative software solutions and embedded systems. Since its creation in 2015, the company has gathered a strong team of engineers and PhDs, with expertises in hydrodynamics, robotics, software & system engineering, data science, artificial intelligence to reach its goals. Main products : FRyDoM, SATORI, OCEANiCS, BLADiCS





DIODON Drone Technology is a French start-up developing all-terrain micro-drones for reconnaissance and surveillance in rough environments.

For these missions, the company relies on a drone linked to an inflatable structure, making the DIODONs easily transportable, especially rugged and amphibious, thus the ideal solutions for an unrestricted use.

Designed for the defence sector, homeland security and emergency services, the DIODONs offer a broad range of on-the-shelf or custom payloads to answer every operational needs.




Automated drone inspection solution

Donecle offers an automated inspection solution for aircraft and vessel maintenance. Our technology combines a 100% automated drone (no pilot), acquiring high definition pictures of the asset, to an image analysis software to easily detect, identify and locate defects on the external surface of the inspected structure such as corrosion, deformation or paint damages. It helps to reduce inspection time, increase safety and efficiency of maintenance activities and it contributes to build a digital history of past inspections of the aircraft or ship status.





Predict-Adapt is a predictive maintenance solution for all electric rotating machines. It warns asset operators well ahead of any type of failure so they can react in time and prevent unplanned outages.

It is fully autonomous and uniquely fits all kind of machines (LV, MV), covers all types of defects (mechanical, electrical, process), even in harsh environments (hard to reach, ATEX, high heat, noise or vibrations).




ELWAVE designs and manufactures electromagnetic detection, navigation and characterization systems based on innovative “ electric sense ” technology.

A  breaktrough  technology given a 360 ° real-time perception capacity, for the detection of any type of object (insulator and conductor), in water and sediments.

Easy to use, robust and adaptable to all types of vehicles and robots, ELWAVE provides armed forces with solutions for:

• obstacle detection and navigation in difficult operational environments for underwater, manned, remote or autonomous vehicles;

• detection of mines and UxO;

• monitoring of port and sensitive infrastructure (intrusion detection).

 ELWAVE :  inovative  360°, real time, electromagnetic detection and navigation systems.





Towards another acceleration

Inspired by nature, FinX developed the Fin5, the new fin motor boat, 100% electric and absolutely safe: a new thruster with no propeller, only an undulating fin.

FinX is the wish of a greener, sustainable nautical mobility for tomorrow, and an harmonious cohabitation with marine animals.

This promising patented innovation, besides its large energetic gain, offers a high security to its users and a reduced maintenance.

Already noticed in the nautical industry, the FinX technology seems to be on a good path to accomplish the dream of its young team: “get inspired by nature so as to preserve it”.





FORSSEA is a French young innovative company that develops and manufactures smart robots for the subsea offshore industries (Energy, Defence). FORSSEA won numerous national and international innovation awards (ADEME, BPI, Marine Technology Reporter) and recently announced that IFREMER enter their capital to boost scientific cooperation. FORSSEA is already collaborating with Oil & Gas major operators and contractors and recently open a workshop in south of France to access upcoming offshore wind farms. FORSSEA is presenting new underwater visual positioning system at Euronaval this year





Geeglee® is an Augmented Human Intelligence software learning from the know-how of multiple engineering disciplines to systematically explore and assess each elementary opportunity of a complete universe of possible architectures.

Geeglee® embedded Engineering Intelligence (data visualization) platform able to process mass data associated with all systems explored and their assessments through multiple criteria. This parametric interface allows you to play any possible scenario (for instance design alternatives, ways to answer calls for tenders, or possible development roadmaps) and instantaneously display its impact on the performance criteria of the whole population of systems.




Hydromea builds a modular autonomous underwater drone technology platform with swarm capabilities to create mission-specific portable drones for a broad range of applications –from autonomous inspection of submerged assets to 3D monitoring of water quality in the subsea environment. Hydromea also developed a unique & patented wireless optical telemetry for high-bandwidth silent data exchange underwater wirelessly.





Inbolt develops an indoor micro-localization technology based on 3D vision for industrial applications. Our solution is a module, with embedded 3D sensors, to be mounted on all kinds of handheld tools, able to follow the position of the tool in real time during its use by an operator and therefore, to guide the operator's gesture on drilling, clamping, screwing, welding, etc... Our solution, including a module and a programming/guidance interface, allows our customers to guarantee the reliability of manual operations and to improve their traceability thanks to the construction of a digital twin.





Positioning sensor for UAV automatic decklanding. To secure the decklanding and reduce human workload, Internest developped a positioning sensor for UAV. The Lolas (Local Landing System) is an embedded system that provide a cm accurate relative positioning. Thanks to acoustic and radio technology, Internest contribute to the redundancy and dissimilarity required by autonomous systems. Internest works hand-in-hand with leading international aeronautics, defence and naval companies.

Internest works hand-in-hand with leading international aeronautics, defence and naval companies.




InVirtus Technologies is a 15-people company, founded in February 2018, specializing in Asset tracking for Indoor and outdoor spaces. The turnkey solution proposed by InVirtus starts at the tracker level, up to the visualisation of your assets on a supervision platform.




M-Cador is a specialist in image analysis based on deep learning technologies. Our solution is available as a range of smart cameras to automate complex visual inspection tasks. They automatically detect faults, entities, objects, ... These cameras can be installed on different supports such as robotic arms, drones, production lines, etc. For instance, we allow companies in the aeronautics’ industry to automatically detect defects on parts under the millimeter, transport’s companies to monitor autonomously trains parked in marshalling yards, etc. With that said, we enable our partners to increase productivity and reduce costs by assisting them in their critical and tedious tasks.





Miraex provides full sensing solutions to enable advanced predictive maintenance, asset monitoring and anomaly detection, specifically in extreme environments.

The solution combines company’s unique proprietary Photonics Sensors and Machine Learning.

A number of environmental parameters can be monitored: vibration, acoustic, pressure, electrical field and temperature. The sensor’s advantages include intrinsic safety in the harshest environments (explosive, high voltage, high EM field, high pressure, high/low temperature), superior sensitivity and small footprint (few mm). Those sensors combined with purpose-built Machine Learning algorithms provides actionable data, solving customer use cases.




The service and company MyPSSI emerged from a productive collaboration between CISOs from large companies and the founders: Gilles Favier (Telecom Paris) and Guillaume Garez (CESI).

The purpose was to solve a specific issue that all CISOs are facing: provide efficiently an accurate overview of cybersecurity compliance and risk mitigation progress across the whole company.

MyPSSI is the result of several years of R&D. MyPSSI is the first Cybersecurity PMO designed by and tailored for CISOs. MyPSSI implements security & privacy by design.

MyPSSI has the Label French Cyber Security.

MyPSSI is currently used by the DGAC (French FAA)




Neocean offers new nautical sensations: the pleasure of flying over the water for one or two persons, silently, safely, without learning and with the greatest respect for our marine environment.
We are proud of our patented technologies: articulated foils, electric motors, automatic control, from French university research. They allow the Overboat a fast, controlled flight, without wake, in silence, without emissions and consuming the minimum of energy.
The French startup is building the Overboat in France to optimize quality, reliability and maintainability for professionals and demanding boater.



Oledcomm is a French company, world leader in LiFi technology. Based in the Paris region. Holding 26 patents, it employs around 20 engineers and PhDs and develops complete LiFi solutions. In January 2019, LiFiMAX®, the first internet access point through invisible light was launched awarded at CES in Las Vegas. In October 2019, an Air France A321 plane equipped with Oledcomm LiFi Modems flied from Paris to Toulouse. In December 2019, Oledcomm was ranked 13th/100 by Forbes Magazine among the most innovative French Tech companies. In June 2020, Oledcomm was selected by the CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatial) and ArianeGroup to develop a demonstrator for the future European Space Launcher.




PandO2, a mission company created at the end of 2018, has developed the most advanced application dedicated to the monitoring and management of air quality. We offer our customers the first application able to consolidate in real time all relevant information (all indoor and outdoor sensors plus open data for up to 30 parameters) enabling us to guarantee a good indoor air quality. Fully customizable, our solution relies on the Internet of Things, the data science and AI in order to control the exposure of our users to the pollution while participating in the energy transition effort through an efficient management of the remediation means of the equipped facilities /The most advanced application for air quality monitoring and management




Prove & Run protects Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and connected military equipment against hackers:

-              Security consulting (analysis, architecture and requirements)

-              Secure-by-design your CPS with off-the-shelf critical software components:

o             ProvenCore: Ultra-secure OS, formally proven, certified at the Common Criteria EAL7 level

o             ProvenVisor: Secure hypervisor

Using ProvenCore and/or ProvenVisor to secure a CPS brings:

-              Resistance to the most sophisticated cyberattacks

-              More security at a reduced Total Cost of Ownership due to superior code quality

-              Certification at the lowest cost

-              Simpler and cheaper development of security services (FOTA, IDS, filters, firewall, etc.)




We are a French startup specializing in mechatronics that, since 2012, has been designing autonomous multi-environment systems and collaborative robots for Defense and Civil. Robotics Industry has gained extensive experience in designing specific autonomous systems by developing partnerships with major industrial. Our experience in mechatronics is complemented by an agile and iterative process of managing the upstream phases of projects, and a product lifecycle management to ensure scalability in the industrialization phase.

All these processes are driven by the User Experience to respond to cases of use.




Sysnav is the French leader in Real-time GPS-Denied 3D location without infrastructure.

Sysnav is a French company specialized in GPS-denied navigation and location. With our multi-patented “magneto-inertial” technology and cutting-edge algorithms, our devices provide real-time 3D positioning with a sub-metric precision, both indoor and outdoor!

Our solution does not require additional infrastructure or initial site reconnaissance : easy to use, this solution is the first choice for complex environments like harbours, factories, boats etc.

Target use cases are first responders location, lone worker protection, boat maintenance, process optimization…




New non-destructive pulsed Terahertz imaging for dimensional control and defect detection See Through the Matter. This is what Teratonics offers to the naval sector for the reduction of its poor-quality costs and the optimisation of its processes. Teratonics markets an innovative non-destructive testing solution based on ultrafast terahertz (THz) pulses. This technology can perform 3D measurements and detect defects in 100% of the production in the Factory 4.0. It can also reduce downtime during smart maintenance operations. Teratonics STRIPP Control reveals the invisible in many non-conductive materials (e.g.: plastics, composites, ceramics…), is safe for operators (no X-rays), contactless and rapid. It can control components, assemblies and coatings including their thickness.




TUITO specializes in the design and development of multimodal human-machine interfaces. With a highly personalized approach and relying on proven UX design techniques, our experts work with our customers and users to define needs, iterate on interfaces and interactions, complete integration into processes, reduce risks, improve performance and comfort for all operators.




WiN MS, spin-off of french research center CEA is a french start-up. We are expert in fast wiring diagnostic and electrical cable monitoring. We have design the most advanced reflectometry technology : MCTDR. This multi-patented technology enables fast and accurate diagnostic on any electrical cable type to locate any electrical issues. We have acquired an unique experience through our important partners in aviation industry and beyond, such as Airbus, Safran, Dassault Aviation, EDF, Total, Naval Group, SNCF, etc. WiN MS covers a large panel of needs thanks to its troubleshooting tools and services, WiN MS is also open for partnership to design tailor made solutions.

WiN MS is also expert in RF systems inspection; arc fault detection in HVDC systems, etc.