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Resolutely focused on the future and technologies of the future, EURONAVAL 2020 had, once again, been THE exhibition for discovery and innovation.
Given the success of this initiative, SEAnnovation is being renewed for this 2022 edition.

We will inform you as soon as possible.



This space is designed to welcome and promote 30 or so start-up companies from France and abroad in a dedicated area, with round tables, keynotes and pitches over 5 days.

All start-ups involved in defence or dual civil-defence technological innovations are invited to exhibit in the SEAnnovation space.

For the selected start-ups, this will be an exceptional opportunity to make themselves known and to present their projects to contractors in the global shipbuilding industry.



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Here are the startups selected in 2022 :



Absolut Hydrogen imagine innovative solutions to reduce the cost of distribution and increase the availability of liquid hydrogen (LH2) on all types of sites (hubs, offshore, vessels,  urban areas...). To optimize reliability and profitability, we minimize transportation costs by bringing hydrogen production, storage and use as close as possible to the site's logistical and economic constraints. Our offer covers the entire hydrogen value chain: on-site liquid hydrogen production; LH2 distribution; thermal management of on-board circuits (from the LH2 tank to use by a heat pump).


Experts in water treatment and reuse for land and marine environments, we provide treatment systems for wastewater, ballast water, drinking water and disinfection for the maritime industry. Fully certified, robust and compact, our solutions are the most innovative and advanced on the market, while remaining compliant with current and future regulations of the maritime industry.
Our mission is to contribute to the preservation of the environment and ecosystems and to help companies meet the highest standards of safety, compliance and reliability, without affecting their day-to-day operations.



AERIX SYSTEMS is developing a new aerial drone with disruptive characteristics in terms of speed (220 km/h max), maneuverability (extreme flight dynamics, flight and hovering on edge and inverted) and flight safety (storm resistance) thanks to a patented omnidirectional propulsion. This breakthrough allows us to be very competitive in many drone applications and to open up new ones (construction, energy, offshore and defense)



Amiral Technologies is a French CNRS (National Scientific Research Center) spin-off. Its innovations are the result of 10 years of academic research in Automation, Control Theory and Artificial Intelligence. Its technology is revolutionising IIoT data processing for critical, complex and high value-added industries. At the heart of its innovations are its automatic feature generation algorithms for industrial time series of any kind. These innovations enable DiagFit, Amiral Technologies' software, to produce high performance predictive models capable of learning with little or no historical failure data. DiagFit meets the needs of our industrial customers, both in terms of their operating context and their specific equipment.




Fluid innovative system between documentation and operations, Armtek DocOps not only empowers frontline operations and provides knowledge identification & capitalization; it also creates sharing with the ultimate scope of helping organizations generate AI-driven knowledge strategy. No-code DocOps is a set of tools that works to automate and integrate the processes of developing documentation and flows across operations and decisive parts of the business.

The power of DocOps is:
- Collaborative Authoring
- Breaking Down Silos
- Rapid Stakeholders Feedback



BLACKLEAF has developed an eco-friendly method to produce graphene and to make it possible on an industrial scale.

Thanks to its remarkable mechanical, thermal, electrical and chemical properties, BLACKLEAF's graphene is revolutionising industry by improving technical and environmental performance in various fields of application (thermal management, load dissipation, anti-corrosion, lubrication, filling additives).

Through our know-how and expertise, our mission is to produce graphene for a competitive, sustainable and responsible industry.



An innovative geolocation system in line with smart industry. Our geolocation system is particularly relevant if you have to manage complex inventory control. This is particularly the case when you have many references to process and/or when you handle components and raw materials with similar packaging on a daily basis. It then becomes difficult and tedious to find references. Our solution is based on labelling your products with NFC tags. Electronic labels give them a unique identification number.An application allows you to precisely geolocate your product and indicates its location by a light signal, known as a « pick to light » system. When your product is moved, the application allows you to follow its movements in almost real time.

CetraC, is a start-up which develops and markets a high-speed, multiprotocol, safe and cyber-secure data interconnection technology. We target the markets of embedded (aeronautics, automotive, naval, rail) and iOT networks. Our USP: a 100% Hardware approach, without firmware/ software.



DELFOX, AI-first start-up, pioneer in the field in Europe and specialized in Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL). The company develops Nermind, the first autonomous decision-making platform for training artificial intelligence models that will be able to interact intelligently and without human intervention with a changing environment where a predefined strategy would quickly become obsolete.

Intended for experts (engineers, developers) who define their problems, Nermind allows one or more agents, in a given virtual environment, to train and learn from its experiences (via a trial-and-error method), in order to optimally achieve a previously defined objective.




DIAMFAB synthesize diamond for the semiconductor industry. Our products will be at the heart of the energy transition thanks to their superior electrical performance, record efficiency and high compactness.
From the electric car to the future high voltage network, from hybrid aircraft to batteries for connected objects, diamond will be the key to the electrification of our society.



At Enduralock, we offer patented fastening solutions that are highly vibration resistant, yet reversible and reusable. Enduralock fasteners reduce the time and cost of maintenance and labor due to their reversibility and reusability. Enduralock is based in Lenexa, Kansas and is AS9100D and IS0 9001:2015 certified. We focus primarily on the following industries: defense, commercial spacecraft, commercial aircraft, and oil & gas. Currently we have 5 active SBIR/STTR contracts with the US Air Force and Space Force.




FOSINA is a French start-up specialized in distributed fiber optic sensing systems.
Our team is made up of engineers, experts in this field (in particular our Technical Director, Dr Arthur Hartog, recognized worldwide), with more than 35 years of experience.

Our expertise extends from design to commercialization, including the manufacture of interrogators resistant to harsh environments and capable of monitoring temperature, strain and vibrations over tens of kilometers along the fiber (used as a sensor), with meter accuracy.

By combining our DxS interrogator and our artificial intelligence-based software with a conventional submarine optical fiber, we are able to detect, identify and locate in real-time, marine activity, whether on or below the surface of the sea.



Hydromea builds a modular autonomous underwater drone technology platform with swarm capabilities to create mission-specific portable drones for a broad range of applications –from autonomous inspection of submerged assets to 3D monitoring of water quality in the subsea environment. Hydromea also developed a unique & patented wireless optical telemetry for high-bandwidth silent data exchange underwater wirelessly.



LTU, the French expert in computer vision AI, owns multiple 2D (images) and 3D visual processing algorithms. Available in SaaS or On premise model, the LTU solution ensures identification, comparison or detection in record time without having to resort to supervised learning of models based on Deep Learning.
LTU has developed an innovative visual recognition solution that allows to quickly process an object or an image by assigning it a "unique signature", also called "Image ID".
LTU's technologies serve various markets including defense/security, industry, space, publishing, culture and many others.



MaDfly – Marine Drone Services - offers services by Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS) to meet the access constraints of the maritime, onshore and offshore environment. We bring the value of the drone for inspection, as well as all the interventions facilitated by this tool, indoor, outdoor and underwater.

Inspection and maintenance of confined spaces and those with limited access (height or other) or underwater is a challenge. With its maritime and industrial experience, MaDfly selects the best innovations to make these dangerous areas accessible in a safer and more efficient way. The human risk, the downtime and the overall cost are reduced



Advanced aerial ISTAR system, for large scale automated costal maritime surveillance.
- Small fixed-wing VTOL high speed UAVs
- Computer vision sensors
- Real-time software for remote system management

We specialize in end-to-end “system as a service” for a rapid deployment that includes planning, equipment, approval and operations.

Our system as been fielded in 4 countries, for Navies, Maritime Polices, Coastguards and NGOs.



MX3D is a company dedicated to Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM), a 3D printing process that allows the production of large metal parts. Based on robotic MIG/MAG welding, our technology is compatible with every weldable alloys and offers many advantages in various industries (Maritime, energy, mobility, etc.) such as lead time reduction, cost optimization or geometry freedom.
MX3D provides this technology to customers through its turnkey M1 Metal AM System, or with the MetalXL solution that transforms an existing welding robot into a 3D printer. We can also print on demand for our customers in our Amsterdam workshop.


MyDataModels has developed a proprietary and patented artificial intelligence technology which makes possible to address small datasets very efficiently. The predictive models thus generated are also transparent and interpretable.
Very light, they can be embedded on all types of sensors.

Founded in 2018 in Sophia Antipolis, with around thirty employees, MDM has notably established a strategic partnership with Thales.

Several projects are underway, such as BlueGuard presented last December off Nice Côte d'Azur International Airport
MyDataModels has been selected as part of the government program Confiance.AI.



Neocean, with its own engineering specialists and in partnership with Montpellier University researchers, has developed a set of technologies to build a remotely operable electric boat equipped with hydrofoils. Zero emissions, zero noise, zero wake, on-board robotics, automatic flight stabilization, this is the Overboat. That is why it finds different applications in surveillance and security areas.


Oledcomm is a French company, pioneering optical communications. We supply high-bandwidth and ultra secure wireless connectivity solutions with a reach up to 1km. Our products replace cables in environments where radio-based wireless technologies are not welcome, due in particular to security reasons. Non-detectable, non-jammable, interception-resistant, and enabling a quick deployment, our photonic solutions deliver strong benefits for défense applications, be it for multi-users fully network communication systems or for point-to-point connectivity within a system.


OSE Engineering

Specialising in digital engineering and artificial intelligence, OSE Engineering is a real hub of expertise.
With 90% of the company being engineers and holding PhDs, OSE uses its expertise to support clients with accelerating the technological maturity of innovative projects.
Based on the operational knowledge of our customers, we co-construct applications with embedded advanced algorithmic solutions to improve decision-making in the behaviour of complex systems.
We are developing Operational Research algorithms for decision support tools and for autonomous decision-making solutions incorporated into combat systems.


Oversoc is a cyber attack surface management software. A true cyber operations center, it interfaces with all current SOC tools to model its information system easily and clearly.

Its strength lies in its ability to process large amounts of data from numerous sources and to aggregate them into a single interface on which it is possible to interact collaboratively.
Visualizing the distribution of assets, filtering and prioritizing vulnerabilities and monitoring attacks on your system in real time are all ways that are now open to cybersecurity players. Finally a good reason to stop using Excel!



RVmagnetics has developed the smallest passive sensor in the world - MicroWire. Providing accurate data on pressure, temperature, position and vibration with no direct contact between sensor and the sensing system - contactless measurement. Final applications are tailor-made according to client's requirements. The MicroWire sensor helped overcome sensing obstacles in materials, parts and process including IIoT, Industry 4.0, Composite materials, electric motors, etc. while allowing SHM, NDT and predictive maintenance.


Pangolin SAS

Pangolin Defense manufactures the best and lightest flexible ballistic protection for both handguns and assault rifles.
With a complete range of vests and plate carriers designed and tested to the highest international standards, Pangolin is committed to excellence in providing operators with protective solutions that meet their requirements. Pangolin has been quickly recognized as the most innovative European player in ballistic protection thanks to different awards during the MILIPOL & EUROSATORY exhibitions and SOFINS Special Forces shows.  
Our products are used by several thousands of operators, policemen, journalists, doctors, political figures and civilians.



An innovative geolocation system in line with smart industry

Our geolocation system is particularly relevant if you have to manage complex inventory control.

This is particularly the case when you have many references to process and/or when you handle components and raw materials with similar packaging on a daily basis. It then becomes difficult and tedious to find references.

Our solution is based on labelling your products with NFC tags. Electronic labels give them a unique identification number.
An application allows you to precisely geolocate your product and indicates its location by a light signal, known as a « pick to light » system.

When your product is moved, the application allows you to follow its movements in almost real time.



Picomto is a web and mobile solution to capture and diffuse manufacturing know-how, manage human task and access to a remote expert.

Picomto ease creation and distribution of visual work instructions which allows to switch from a manual approach to a digital, visual and paperless one :

100% dedicated to the field and its standards
Intended to the production, method and quality departments
Target the industry 4.0

By a digitalisation of the value chain of visual work instructions, Picomto allows an increase of :

The production quality
The operators’ safety
The continuous improvement

Picomto enables an efficient transfer of know-how, a standardisation  and field-data collection.

#Industrie4.0 #Lean #Business Excellence #Paperless



Prométhée, the French New Space operator of nano satellite constellations, responds to the challenges of governance, sustainable development and crisis management by providing environmental and strategic intelligence services.
The scope of services offered by Prométhée is quai unlimited, from maritime surveillance to seabed protection, urban planning management, protection of water resources, critical infrastructures, the fight against deforestation, illegal fishing or the ecological efficiency of agriculture.
Prométhée proposes an end-to-end offer covering the space segment, a control center and mission center, a digital platform, training and technological exchanges guaranteeing the autonomy of countries.



Sail'N Fly

Sail’n Fly SAS design, define and build Wing In Ground (WIG) ships. This type of ships sails above the sea waterline at a height of few meters.
Our product line is made by two wig ship type for marine travels :
Seagull 4-6 : Can carry safely up to 6 pax at 180 km/h cruse speed, 12 m long, CO2 equiv/pax : 180 gr/pax/km,
Seagull 8-9 : Can carry safely long range up to 8 pax at 180 km/h cruse speed, 18 m long, CO2 equiv/pax : 180 gr/pax/km,
A first technical definition study is achieved. Next steps are : Model building and test, the POC realization and tests. Markets studies show that it is possible to win 84 M€ per year in less than 5 years.


SEAGNAL (inc. 2012) operates in the fields of electronics and computing for signal and antennae processing in the underwater acouctics environment. The company is specialised in acquiring, processing & exploiting, using massively parallel architectures, data coming from a large number of sensors, and has developped specific tools for environment modeling & performances qualification. Among successful achievements we may quote: bi-static sonar using « opportunity » pulses, active sonar, long haul modem, locator of distress beacons. Having state entities and key accounts as customers, SEAGNAL knows how to rapidely develop new functions thanks to its vast portfolio of hardware and software IPs.


Specialist in threat anticipation, Sesame IT is a French provider of cybersecurity solutions, leader in Advanced Network Detection & Response (NDR) solutions.

The objective of Sesame IT is to provide high-performance detection of cyber threats, in order to protect the networks of companies and administrations.

Jizô NDR, the ultimate cyber threat detection solution, is designed to protect all networks, from the simplest to the most complex, on premise or in the cloud. Jizô NxDR detects threats where it matters most: at the heart of the network, before it even reaches the endpoints.

The detection takes place in real time, with unique analysis capabilities on the market. It operates using the best detection engines, IT or OT, supported by artificial intelligence.



In constrained environments (explosive, humid, metallic, electro-sensitive), radio waves are not fully operational. Wi-Us, a new ultrasound wireless communication technology, secures transmissions in all circumstances for data transfer, geolocation, authentication, measurement.
Patented by STIMSHOP, Wi-Us is the world distance champion and the only one to offer reliable and robust multiplexing.
STIMSHOP works among others with Naval Groupe, Orano, EDF, Airbus.


Vistory is a software editor specialized in digital trust (Cybersecurity, Cloud and Blockchain).
The MainChain product enables producing any part, anywhere at any time. It secures the end-to-end industrial additive manufacturing production chain, guarantees the integrity and conformity of parts designs, and secures the intellectual property and the business model. It enables end-to-end traceability of operations and protects from piracy.
The French Ministry of the Armed Forces has deployed MainChain in overseas operations to foster the operational availability of their materials, creating trust and efficiency between all stakeholders.

Weez-U Welding

The mission of Weez-U Welding is to bring manual welding into the 21st century.

With our teleoperation solution, our objective target is to remove dangerous, repetitive and hard aspects of the welder’s work. It allows welders to They benefit from an incomparable comfort and to. They perform quality welds with increased productivity. As many companies struggle to recruit, our solution makes welding jobs more attractive.



XUNORD, an INNOVO company, has developed the OCEANDRONE, the latest generation of Uncrewed Surface Vessels.
The OCEANDRONE, powered by solar and wind energy, can sail autonomously for an infinite duration even in extreme weather conditions.
A unique propulsion system optimally harnesses wind and solar energy without the need for maintenance.
Silent navigation without thermal emissions, endurance and high pay load capacity make the OCEANDRONE the ideal USV for ASuW, maritime patrols, EEZ surveillance, pollution detection, hydrographic/oceanographic surveys.
OCEANDRONE reduces manpower, risk to life and overall costs, helping the environment and supporting zero CO2 targets