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eOdyn (France, 2015)
Ocean monitoring through IoT, big data, and machine learning applications.



i-Sea (France, 2014)
Solutions of coastal observation and surveillance based on the aggregation of multisource data measured by drones (aerial and aquatic). 



Iceye (Finland, 2011)
Near real-time maritime awareness and monitoring under all-weather condition using SAR microsatellites.



Mappem Geophysics (France, 2015)
Highly qualified expertise in electromagnetic measurements and data processing in the marine environment.



SINAY (France, 2008)
Big Data solutions to maritime surveillance.



Toposens (Germany, 2015)
Development of a 3D ultrasound sensor capable of detecting, counting, and tracking objects and people using the principle of echolocation.



UnseenLabs (France, 2015)
Development of electromagnetic information services from space, allowing for the localisation and characterisation of ships at sea using the analysis of their electromagnetic emissions.



Spire Global (USA, 2012)
Satellite constellation specialized in AIS signal monitoring for ship tracking around the globe and in weather forecasts based on GPS radio occultation.






Eco-Adapt (France, 2013)
Predictive maintenance of electric motors.



Expert Teleportation (France, 2010)
Hands-free tele assistance solutions for experts to guide on the field technicians from a distance



Farsight (France, 2015)
Virtual reality applications for learning and training for technical jobs.



Selko Technologies (Finland, 2017)
AI company focused on automating the analysis of text-based data in complex, large scale engineering projects.



SkelEx BV (The Netherlands, 2013)
Design and production of custom exoskeleton solutions which assist workers and reduce injury risks for companies employing a large workforce in industrial fields.



WH Monitoring (Latvia, 2017)
Ground breaking solutions for the 4D measurement and interpretation of vibrations enabling unparalleled insights and reduction costs in both conception and operational phases.






Diadès Marines (France, 2011)
Production of solutions for navigation assistance.



Physip (France, 2012)
Sleep and vigilance analysis using brain activity.



SNIPS (France, 2013)
Provides a complete embedded vocal recognition platform which integrates the recognition and understanding of natural language, as well as the detection of the “wake-word”.






Air-Ion Technologies (Switzerland, 2017)
Definition of a range of helicopter-drones responding to the upcoming demand of armies, marines, and civil security.



DeepEyes (Germany, 2017)
Disruptive video-based recognition technologies using an autonomous, selflearning algorithm.



EXID Concept & Développement (France, 2014)
Management of innovative projects, notably in the field of naval defence.



FORSSEA Robotics (France, 2016)
Design and manufacturing of autonomous underwater docking technologies.



Internest (France, 2016)
Embedded systems of positioning and high-pression landing for helicopters and drones in complex environments.


  Sea Proven (France, 2014)
Design and production of autonomous ships.
  SEAir (France, 2016)
Specialized in making boats fly using foils.

Texys Marine (France, 2009)
Development and production of marine drones dedicated to scientific, industrial, and military applications.



T-Minus (The Netherlands, 2011)
T-Minus engineering designs, builds and operates rocket systems with training and radar calibrating applications in Naval Defence.

  Will and Brothers (Cameroon, 2015)
Drone solutions for mapping, defense, and agriculture.




Prove & Run (France, 2009)
Solutions to the security challenges linked to the deployment of connected devices and of the Internet of Things (IoT).



R3 Communications (Germany, 2015)
Development of low-latency and high-reliability wireless communication solutions meeting the highest industrial Internet of Things (IoT) requirements.






Erneo (France, 2009)
Tailored designing and manufacturing of motors, electric generators, and magnetic systems.



Fiberneering (The Netherlands, 2013)
3D printed fibre reinforced composite parts.



NAWA Technologies (France, 2013)
Rapid charging batteries made of carbon nanotubes (VACNT).



Pytheas Technology (France, 2015)
Design of innovative piezoelectric systems and of their associated electronics in the field of underwater acoustics, vibration damping, and electricity generation.



STIRAL (France, 2010)
Design and prototyping of solutions for heat transfer, storage, conversion and production.