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The NH90 NFH (for NATO Frigate Helicopter) is a French twin-engine helicopter used by the French Navy. Developed by NHIndustries, it has been the replacement for the Super Frelon and the Lynx since 2015. It is versatile and flexible, and carries out a number of different missions: anti submarine, anti-surface, counterterrorism, government action at sea. It is designed to equip French frigates and when needed, can also be deployed on projection and command ships (BPC) or aircraft carriers. Twenty-seven Caiman Marine helicopters will be used to equip the French Navy and will be divided into two fleets. It should also be noted that the NH90 also exists in a land version, the “Caiman”, deployed by the French Army Light Aviation (ALAT). The NH90 is the result of a European programme bringing together six countries. As a result of its success, more than two hundred units have been exported. In conclusion, it is an essential aircraft in the aeronautical sector.




The ECUME, or loadable multipurpose commando boat, is a semi-rigid multipurpose vessel. It began being used to equip the Ponchardier commando (operational support) in January 2016. Designed by the company Zodiac Milpro International, it is the replacement for the ETRACO (rapid transport and commando action boat. Thanks to its modular structure, the ECUME carries out a number of roles in different situations (command, fire support, assault etc.): hostage release, counter piracy operations, drug traffic interception are all missions it is entrusted with. Its development is particularly focused on interoperability, allowing the ECUME to be used on the principal vessels of the French Navy.  




The Atlantique 2 is a maritime patrol aircraft developed by Bréguet – Dassault Aviation. It is the direct descendant of the Bréguet Atlantic. Currently, the ATL2 is frequently used in Africa where it serves as backup to ground forces. The ATL2 has been in service for twenty or so years, and has undergone several retrofits. Integration of the MU90 torpedo was completed in July 2014. A renovation operation is currently in progress, notably in order to install the Searchmaster radar. The ATL2 ensures the safety and support of the Strategic Operational Forces by escorting nuclear deterrent submarines in the near Atlantic. It carries out electronic warfare and intelligence missions, takes part in force projection abroad in support of the deployed naval air group, and also carries out public service missions. It is also involved in the fight against piracy and drug trafficking.




The F21 torpedo is intended to equip French Navy submarines. This heavy system can destroy or neutralise surface ships or submarines. Designed for offshore and coastal operations, it can manoeuvre just as easily in shallow or deep waters. Its high degree of autonomy allows it to cover long distances. The first torpedoes are set to be delivered in 2017.  


The roll-up connectable beaching mats

Musthane presents its new generation of Mustmove® Beach Access, roll-up connectable beaching mats to prevent vehicles to be bugged in sand or in mud during amphibious operations. The range, designed and manufactured in France, after several years of research and development and a number of international patents, works effectively with all wheeled vehicles in service in the French army and has successfully come through a French Army Staff Armament Programs Directorate assessment. It is part of the Mustmove® range, offering mobility solutions developed by Musthane for the field of operations.







VBCI is a fully mature and combat proven MOTS platform that is in service within the French Army since 2008 (630 delivered), and has been successfully deployed to Afghanistan, Lebanon, UAE, Mali and Central African Republic. The combat experience of VBCI has demonstrated the capacity of deployment over long distances (over 2500Km in 5 days in Mali) and its reliability in extreme conditions (>55°C). The 32 tons standard is fully qualified and being implemented in the French Army fleet ensures future growth potential. VBCI has been designed from the outset as a flexible solution:
• Capable of participating in the full spectrum of operations from low intensity peacekeeping to counter-insurgency environments and high intensity combat;
• Capable to manoeuvre alongside main battle tanks and medium weight tracked vehicles;
• Offers multirole variants derived from the same baseline platform, from Armored Personal Carrier (APC) up to Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV);
•    Capability to be equipped with the most advanced weapon systems technologies that ensure strong firepower.

Protection, mobility, firepower and reduced maintenance footprint are the key assets of VBCI, which stands as the combat-proven benchmark in the new-generation 8X8 market.


Photos credits:

ECUME : A. Monot/Marine Nationale
ATL2 : J. Tonard/Marine Nationale

NH90 : S. Dzioba/Marine Nationale

Vue 3D : Ministère de la Défense
VBCI : Copyright Nexter