SMEs shaping the future of naval technologies





This exhibition area displays innovative SMEs projects that will shape the future of naval capabilities. All projects were supported by the French armament procurement agency (DGA).  The DGA invests over 730 million Euros yearly in innovation, covering a large span of projects, from lab studies to prototype experimentations in an operational context. Visitors will have the possibility to meet both the SMEs and DGA representatives. Five SMEs will present their project during a short conference each day.
Short tutorials on defence related subjects such as export regulation or dual use innovation support will also take place daily, led by DGA officials. Schedule of these conferences will be announced on Euronaval website and booklet.
Moreover, this place will be accessible for all SMEs to meet with representatives of the DGA, a B2B meeting area being made available to that end.

The GICAN is particularly involved in innovation and technologies of the future. It cofacilitates the Naval Solutions - “Tomorrow’s transportation” programme with the State and the CORICAN (Orientation Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Naval Activities). These programmes and tools make it possible to focus research and innovation in line with the public policy strategy adapted by the industry’s strategic committee and to contribute to development in French businesses, particularly SMEs.
The GICAN leads technological roadmaps that group businesses together, including a number of innovative SMEs, focusing on issues that promote “Vessel for the future” and “Safe, smart, clean and economic vessels”.





AlyXan is a French instrumentation company that designs and manufactures solutions for analysing chemical compounds in trace concentrations. We manufacture and market three instruments: the BTrap, a real-time, on-site analyzer of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC); the TDflash, thermal desorption system for Gas Chromatography and the SOLYZE, a continuous online analyzer of process gases. The BTrap analyser analyses air inside submarines, thanks to its dedicated SMHR version, adapted to space constraints of submarines.



The SAS Aero-Nautic Services & Engineering (A-NSE) is the European leader in the design, production and operation of aerostats (tethered balloons and airships). These aerostats can be used as air platforms for a number of civil and military applications: intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, communication and observation.


Since 2006, AP2E develops, manufactures, assembles and commissions highly innovative online gas analysis systems for industrial, scientific and military applications (process and environment).The association of two patented innovations: the OFCEAS technology and the Low Pressure Sampling system allow AP2E to provide its customers with multi-gas analyzers with unparalleled performances: very high accuracy (ppb), excellent measurement stability, ability to measure aggressive substances, extremely short response time and a low maintenance.



Aristè is a VSME created in 1990 whose main activities cover the domain of submarine acoustics, signal processing and operational security. Aristè’s in-depth knowledge of the theoretical aspects of physical systems allows it to propose original solutions and create models adapted to each system under study thanks to their degree of precision. Aristè is involved in the design and development of the software.


AUTOMATIC SEA VISION is a video analytics software editor dedicated to waterborne object detection for security and safety.



BF SYSTEMES is the first private company exclusively specialising in diving security. It has developed MyDivingCoach: a connected object linked to an individual coaching application to optimise diver security.


CAPSIM is an independent electrical technology design office. Specializing in providing assistance to those carrying out major and minor work on electricity grids and energy systems, CAPSIM operates in a large number of fields of activity, from the transport industry to defence and research. Its skills run from the complete performance of static sizing studies to expertise in transient phenomena. 


The Centre of Engineering and Research for Modern Electrotechnical Technologies. It is specialised in in electric energy conversion techniques known as ‘switch mode’. Included in its references are the DGA, major corporations Schneider Electric, Thalès, Scle Sfe, and mid-tiers businesses such as Actia.


Flowgene is present on the life science markets with a propriety detection technology based on native laser-induced fluorescence that emits at 224 nm. The principle applications concern proteomics and odour detection.


LEMMA is a French R&D and software Editor Company specialized in fluids, structures and fluid-structure applications (FSI). We developed our own solution based on the very last results obtained by academics in applied mathematics, with the aim to transfer this know-how in both industrial projects and in unique and disruptive commercial software.


MicrodB is a member of the acoustics and vibrations expert Vibratec group. It offers its skills in identifying acoustic sources through the development of signal processing tools and methods and services.


OSEAN is an engineering company with expertise in marine and submarine environments that designs, develops, manufactures and maintains dedicated electronic systems in a spirit of global service. The OSEAN team is made up of multidisciplinary, experienced collaborators in modern facilities with high-performance technical means. OSEAN possesses a genuine capacity for innovation, thanks to its partnerships with a number of research institutes.


Oxxius designs, produces and markets a new generation of solid-state visible and ultraviolet lasers. Theses lasers are compact and insensitive to vibrations with high electric efficiency and spatial and spectral qualities that make them ideal candidates for applications in biological, chemical and physical metrology, particularly in embedded conditions.


PREDICT is a company specialising in the design and development of solutions for Surveillance, Diagnostics, Prognosis and Maintenance at Distance of Industrial Facilities. Its activity consists of studying the facilities, analysing important malfunctions that can lead to loss of availability, performance and of course costs, then to design, install and operate turnkey solutions.


This is a dynamic, innovative SME working in the sector of high-precision inertial navigation. We design electronic sensors using “MEMS” technology.  Winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and Fast 500 award, our company is growing at a strong rate in France and on the international scene. We cover a large number of markets including marine, aeronautics, autonomous cars and drones.


SEMANTIC TS is a design office specialising in Acoustic Oceanography, Mapping & Monitoring of underwater bottoms. Signal processing, Submarine acoustics and embedded computing since 1993. SEMANTIC TS specialises in marine surveillance.


Sivienn offers original imaging techniques using crossed correlations of noise signals recorded by receptor networks. Sivienn applies these techniques to non-destructive tests, to structural health monitoring and now also to submarine acoustics.


SOFRESUD is high-tech company ISO 9001 certified that designs, develops, installs and maintains innovative systems for Naval Defence as well as Maritime Self-Protection & Security. SOFRESUD relies on its multidisciplinary skills to develop a very dynamic R&D policy.


Syrlinks manufactures radio communication equipment and geolocation systems adapted to severe environments, for the aerospace, defence and safety markets. Our range of geolocation products includes beacons on ruggedized GPS & GNSS, designed in France (algorithms and material platforms), and reconfigurable in terms of client applications, both in terms of performance and robustness.


SYT Technologies designs and manufactures innovative vision systems using passive and active imaging technologies. These systems are portable or on-board on vehicle, for ground, sea and undersea applications (short or long range).


Engineering company specialized in Fluid Mechanics and Multiphase Flows. Our main mission: to provide our clients with our wide experience and technical support all along the development of their innovative projects. We have also developed and several patented technologies for water treatment.