Euronaval will be the privileged international meeting point for contractors, industrialists, experts and decision makers in military navies from the five continents. To this end, the exhibition is organising a series of thematic workshops that will allow industrial entrepreneurs to intervene and exchange on major topical issues. 




Workshops will address the following issues:

Tuesday October 23rd  
    11:10am-1:00pm | Joint Operations : Air and Sea, Amphibious, Special Operations

- CNIM - Amphibious vessels - Benoist Bihan
- FRENCH NAVY - Intervention by CF Olivier Brossollet - operational headquarters of the Navy 
- FRENCH NAVY - Intervention by CA LEBAS Olivier

    2:00pm-5:30pm | Naval Warfare Domains: surface; submarine; air; mine; electronic

- ECA GROUP - The «Anti Access / Area Denial (A2/AD)» operational concept - VAE(2S) Christian Canova
- EXAVISION - Non-lethal acoustic devices
- RTSYS - Handheld Sonar for Divers - Dominique Ropert
- LACROIX - Missiles evolution vs passive soft kill decoys - Naval Responsible
- HENSOLDT HOLDING GERMANY GMBH - Surface and Underwater sensor suites - Harald Hansen
- STM – BAUMIND (Bahçesehir University) - Naval Optical Communication Systems (Underwater&Surface)
- FRENCH NAVY - CV Laurent Sudrat, army coherence officer - Navy

Wednesday October 24th


    9:30am-1:00pm | Cybersecurity and Digitalisation

- Opening by COMCYBER - Général de Paillerets
- AIRBUS - Thomas de Menthière, Transportation Development Manager
- NAVAL GROUP - Cybersecurity and digitisation: Cyber offer of Naval Group, objectives and adaptability
- GATEWATCHER - Implementing IT and OT detection probes in a restricted environment - Jacques de la Rivière
- BESSE ASSURANCE - Designing rapid “cyber" coverage for implementation in the event of attack - Christophe Madec, Account director and Cyber Expert
- OROLIA - R-PNT applications for military vessels - Stéphane Chèze, Business Development Director
- FRENCH NAVY - CV Jérôme Augusseau, Cyber correspondent of the EMM and CF Camille Girard, EMM digital transformation

    2:00pm-5:30pm | State Action at Coastguard function

- KERSHIP - Law enforcement at sea & coast guarding missions - Patrick de Leffe
- DIGINEXT - HF radar for maritime surveillance - Julien Montrozier
- TTT - Water and salt filtration - Gianluca de Arcangelis
- TELESPAZIO FRANCE - Maritime surveillance by satellite - Henri de Foucauld
- THALES - Maritime surveillance of large zones around the Alexandria project - Jean Philippe Mantout
- FRENCH NAVY - CV Jérôme Augusseau, Cyber correspondent of the EMM and CF Camille Girard, EMM digital transformation

Thursday October 25th


    9:30am-1:00pm | Underwater drones and robotics

- FRENCH NAVY - CF Jean-Michel Aumenier and CF Augustin Blanchet (EMM/deputy leader plans and programmes)
- PÔLE MER MÉDITERRANÉE - Current state of R&D structuring - Alain Fidani
- ECA GROUP - Decision-making autonomy of underwater drones - Hervé Ott
- FLINDERS UNIVERSITY - Autonomous Launch and Recovery of AUVs - Professor Karl Sammut
- TELEDYNE MARINE - Teledyne Marine MCM Capabilities - Valentin Hanns
- RTSYS - Buried objects detection by acoustics and magnetics methods - Philippe Chêne
- THALES - Autonomous vessels and underwater - Lionel Collot - Thales D, PLM Mine warfare

    2:00pm-5:30pm | Shipyard of the Future and Digital Vessels

- PÔLE MER MÉDITERRANÉE - Current state of R&D structuring in the domain of construction shipyards - Christophe Avellan
- SURMA - Shipyard of the future and digital vessels - Eero Järvenpää
- HULL VANE BV - Hull Vane in future surface warship designs: leaner, meaner and quieter - Bruno Bouckaert
- SCHNEIDER - Taking control of the digital twin - Geoffroy de Labrouhe, National account manager defence
- NAVAL GROUP - Shipyard of the future and the digital vessel - Yves Dubreuil , Chambardel, Director of Capitalisation of Technological Heritage or Stéphane Klein, project manager for the Factory of the future
- ACCENTURE - Aerospace and Defence research, thought leadership and capabilities

Friday October 26th


    9:30am-1:00pm | Strengthen the attractiveness of the naval trades

- FRENCH NAVY - CV Sébastien Perruchio and CF Philippe Guyon (DPMM)
- NAVAL GROUP - 3D training simulator, a new phase in skill improvement - Eric Lunven, manager of the Simulators department within Services management
- SEA EUROPE - Sarai Blanc
- CAMPUS DES INDUSTRIES NAVALES - Dominique Sennedot, Managing Director of Campus des Industries Navales
- RÉGION NORMANDIE - Issues and perspectives of naval training for a region : the example of Normandy - Cyrille Lamisse, “Major Projects” task officer, Head of Strategy, Orientation and Territorial Animation
- MINISTRY OF NATIONAL EDUCATION – National Education in the naval industry - Jean-Pierre Collignon, Inspector-General of National Education
- DPMM - Intervention by CF Philippe Guyon