"In a digital permanent globalised world Cyberattack threatens increasingly Maritime activities."


Euronaval 2020 is consequently rising the maritime cybersecurity aspects in a new space dedicated to digital security and trust - building – for maritime stakeholders as a sectorial extension of the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) co-organised by CEIS and the French Gendarmerie.


This dedicated area aims to develop trust building and best practice exchanges, presenting innovative and effective solutions supporting the digitalisation of the Maritime World.


Industry leaders and public administrations in the cybersecurity domain are thus invited to present their solutions at the EURONAVAL Cyber Naval Hub pavilion 2020 and to provide best practices and imagine future perspectives during business dedicated events and meetings that will be organised throughout the exhibition.


> For partners not yet registered on the Euronaval exhibition:

Estelle Augat (CEIS): | +33(0)1 45 55 58 91
Clément Rossi (CEIS): | +33(0)1 45 55 56 19


> For exhibitors already registered on the Euronaval exhibition: