Prior the resumption of operations

- All air filters in the ventilation system have been cleaned and checked prior to resumption of operations in September. A certificate from the service provider in charge can be provided to organisers upon request.

- Spaces have been cleaned prior to entry into the premises and that contact points have been disinfected in accordance with a cleaning schedule established with the site’s cleaning service provider.


During an event

- Announcements via the hall/pavilion's public address system concerning precautionary measures and face covering guidance will be broadcast at an appropriate frequency during setup and dismantling periods and when the public is present. 

- Where doors have been taken out of service, signage shall indicate the location of unlocked doors, and signage listing precautionary measures and face covering guidance will be displayed on or in the vicinity of access doors. To this end, Viparis will discuss with the organiser which doors of the pavilion will be used or taken out of service. 

- To facilitate online ordering and virtual customer attendance at conferences, Viparis has upgraded its public Wi-Fi bandwidth.

- With regard to the use of air treatment infrastructures, Viparis will recommend to the organiser the appropriate system to combat the spread of the virus

- On stands, the physical services provided by Viparis and its direct service providers will comply with the cleaning and disinfection protocol. The electrical boxes and plumbing equipment (sinks, water heaters) will have been disinfected during their installation.

In its own car parks, Viparis will oversee:

   - Signage listing precautionary measures and face covering guidance  

   - Hand gel dispensers (including at car park reception areas)  

   - Floor stickers indicating queues  

   - Waste bins for disposable PPE

All car park entrances will be equipped with signage and hand gel dispensers. They will also be installed in the following locations: venue entrances from car parks, electric vehicle charging stations, car park lobbies and ticket machines.

At pedestrian entrances, Viparis will be responsible for:

    - Signage listing precautionary measures and the wearing of the compulsory mask

    - Hand gel dispensers inside the complex, located within 50 metres of entrances  

    - Ground stickers outside each pedestrian entrance  

    - The organisation will have a stock of surgical masks to assist visitors who are not equipped

    - One or more waste bins for disposable Personal Protection Equipment located near exits



The organisation of visitor flows will be decided upon with the organiser prior to the event. Entry and exit flows should be separated.

The access signage for visitors will be adapted accordingly.

Each outlet will be equipped with:

    - Plexiglass barriers installed at customer contact points (food service counters and cash registers)  

    - Floor stickers indicating the placement of customer queues  

    - Hand gel dispensers at the outlet’s entrance and exit (or a single dispenser depending on the outlet’s floor plan)

    - Signage at the start of queues listing precautionary measures and face covering guidance  

    - Waste bins  

    - A clearly marked waste bin for disposable Personal Protection Equipment, preferably placed outside the exit

    - Signage at cash registers listing payment methods and encouraging the use of contactless payment

    - Tables (if used) must be spaced in compliance with measures in force established by the health authorities

    - Viparis is setting up a charter for restaurant employees carried out with concessionaires to ensure that the health measures recommended by the authorities for the restaurant industry are applied.

    - The "1 m apart" distance rule will be applied for all people arriving separately.  

    - The dematerialization of the menus via a bar code on the table will enable menus to be viewed on smartphones.

    - Visitors and exhibitors will be invited to pre-reserve and pre-pay for their meals, among the processes developed this year:  

    - Click and collect

    - Cash less

    - Outdoor eating area

    - The caterer will come to each point of sale with bottles of hand sanitizer and masks

Prior to an event, organizers will be briefed on washroom protocol, cleaning and disinfection schedules, which washrooms will be open to the public and washroom management during setup and dismantling.  

If a washroom is closed to the public, a sign will direct visitors to the nearest one available.  


Each washroom will have:  

    - Floor stickers outside of stalls to help visitors maintain distancing.  

    - Signage outside washrooms and near the washbasins listing precautionary measures to be taken, and the wearing of the compulsory mask.  

    - Signage displaying each washroom’s maximum capacity.  

    - In the immediate vicinity, a clearly-marked waste bin for disposable Personal Protection Equipment.  

    - All washroom water fountains will be taken out of service.

    - Signage above hand dryers indicating they should be used only after thorough hand washing.  

    - Unless already one meter apart, every other urinal and washbasin will be taken out of service.

According to the cleaning schedule, which can be supplied to the organizer, washrooms will be cleaned and contact points disinfected several times a day.

Rooms managed by Viparis shall be organised as follows:

The occupancy of a room is determined by its configuration and its maximum capacity, based on government measures.  


To ensure that a room is line with the stipulated capacity and that social distancing is observed:

    - Either chairs will be spaced 1 metre apart  

    - Or, in accordance with the regulations governing Public Access Buildings, they will be linked together and one out of every two (or two out of every three) chairs will be blocked off. Potentially, for amphitheater or meeting-type configurations, one out of every two rows of seats could also be blocked off


In addition, the following provisions will be put in place:  

    - Signage listing precautionary measures and the wearing of the compulsory mask, as well as signage indicating the room's maximum capacity placed at the entrance and shown on the room's video display (provided it has one and it is otherwise unused).

    - Chairs with tablets will be removed.  

    - A hand gel dispenser will be available at all entrances.  

    - If the size of a room permits, separate entry and exit flows should be organised and indicated by floor stickers.  

    - Disinfectant wipes will be available in all rooms, or rooms will be cleaned after each use (at the very least in order to disinfect furniture and door handles and empty waste bins for disposable PPE).  

    - Disinfectant wipes will be provided in specific technical facilities, such as control booths, dressing rooms and interpreters' booths, or the facilities will be cleaned as soon as the next shift of technical operators arrives.

    - Disinfectant wipes will be available near equipment for speakers and the general public (microphones / interpreter headsets, etc.) or they will be cleaned after each use.  

    - For every panel, every speaker must be given an individual microphone. Microphones will not be passed amongst the audience. In this case, a hostess must keep the microphone to give the public the opportunity to speak.

    - Each participant must have his own equipment (headset, charger).  

    - Presence of dedicated waste bins for PPE at exits and specific technical facilities (control booths, dressing rooms, interpreters' booths). These bins will be emptied several times a day.

    - A checkpoint at the room's entrance will be operated by a member of the reception staff.  

    - To prevent intersecting visitor flows, decisions should be made during the event preparation concerning the placement of attendees.

Fire Safety Control Centre managed by Viparis will be outfitted as follows:

    - A hand gel dispenser will be placed outside the entrance to the Fire Safety Control Centre and/or at the point where fire safety officers come in contact with visitors.  

    - Signage listing precautionary measures and face coverings guidance will also be placed at the entrance to the Fire Safety Control Centre.  

    - A plexiglass divider will separate fire safety officers from visitors

    - The Control Centre premises will be redesigned to create more distance between workstations or to install plexiglass dividers between them.

Fire safety officers will be outfitted with PPE in accordance with the guidelines given to service providers. The Bourget fire safety officers also have thermometers if required.

A communication kit, with a full set of Viparis' visuals in French and English, is appended to these guidelines should organisers wish to reuse them as part of their own visual. Vector files will be provided on request

The venue's website will clearly display information, either on the home page or via a direct link from the home page, concerning:  

    - Precautionary measures and face covering guidance

    - Which entrances are open and closed

    - Specific entrances for events

If an organizer would like specific event-related elements to be mentioned (e.g. that mask-wearing will be monitored or that temperatures will be taken, etc) prior to the event, these elements will be broadcast.

Prior to the event

    - Information regarding exhibitors, visitors and service providers on the Euronaval website and through widely distributed messages.

    - Spread of official communication medium such as Public Health France

    - Official Covid government website :

    - « Allo Covid » information phone number open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 0 800 130 000


Contact of the EURONAVAL COVID representative: Mrs ADJOUAVI DEGUENON (Tel: 06 20 70 27 02), email:


During the event

    - Signage listing precautionary measures  

    - Reminder of barrier gestures in several languages at entrances, in toilets and in all places where people circulate

    - Marking on the plans and signposting of the medical centre (06 20 70 17 01), toilets, traffic directions, waiting areas and gel dispensers.

To maintain social distancing, visitor flows will be anticipated and managed.

    - Requests for logistical access for set-up and dismantling (for vehicles) will be submitted on the Logipass website or on the organiser’s website. This procedure is an essential prerequisite to comprehend the volume of vehicles expected and to organise the flow of logistics vehicles in the best possible way.

    - On site, traffic patterns will be set up by the organiser and traffic wardens will ensure compliance with the instructions.

    - Parking times for loading and unloading operations will be reduced to the strict necessary minimum to facilitate logistic flow.

    - Prior to the event, each exhibitor and service provider must organise its logistical operations with his handler if he has one, in order to optimise the time taken to unload and reload trucks.

    - No more than two people per vehicle.

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- Free shuttles promptly dedicated to Euronaval exhibitors will be provided to and from Paris. Transport will be carried out in compliance with the health regulations in force.
- Shuttles will be disinfected between each rotation.
A medical service with an emergency doctor will be permanently present during the exhibition during the set-up, operation and dismantling. Anyone will be able to consult and have a temperature check.

- Each exhibiting company or service provider must designate one or more COVID representatives during the set-up, exhibition and dismantling. Their contact details are sent to the organiser so that the organiser can ensure that the health protocol for the exhibition is correctly received and understood. The COVID representative of the exhibition is in contact with the COVID representatives of the exhibiting companies who can ask questions and report any difficulties. COVID representatives will be invited to wear a COVID representative badge so that they can be identified by the COVID brigade at the exhibition. 

- A COVID representative directory will be available 

- The COVID representative of the exhibition will be available at 0620702702. He will be identifiable with a specific chasuble.

A COVID brigade made up of 10 hosts in operation (3 to 6 during the set-up) is charged by the organiser with ensuring that the sanitary protocol is respected. In case of difficulties or non-compliance with the protocol, the brigade will ensure that the health safety measures are respected and, if necessary, will forward the information to the COVID representative of the exhibiting company and the COVID representative of the organiser and will draw up a report for the organiser every evening. In the event of a repeat offence or unwillingness to comply with the health regulations in force at the exhibition, the organiser reserve the right to exclude the offender and withdraw his access to the exhibition.

- Delivery of masks for exhibitors, visitors and VIP who are not equipped.

- Equipment given by the organiser of 2 masks per day of presence of the reception staff and organiser’s service providers.

    - In view of the rules in force, EURONAVAL must welcome less than 5 000 visitors simultaneously excluding exhibitors and service providers.

    - An entry and exit counting system will be put in place during the exhibition in order to know in real time the number of visitors present on the site.

    - The reception capacity of the conference rooms, workshops, restaurants and organisation areas will be clearly indicated.

    - In the usual areas of high concentration (entrance, restaurants …) a ground marking will indicate the distance to be respected between two people.

    - A signage will remind you about barrier gestures (including the obligation to wear a mask).

    - Visitors, exhibitors, and service providers must wear the mask within the exhibition grounds, inside the halls and outside.

    - If necessary, EURONAVAL will provide emergency masks for those who are not equipped.

    - Exhibitors must ensure compliance with health regulations on their stands, particularly in terms of visitor density. For example, a 15m2 stand could accommodate 5 people maximum at the same time.

    - A range of distancing and protection equipment to equip the stands is available on the exhibitor platform.

-     The reception areas of the exhibition will be equipped with protective plexiglas and transparent partitions.

    - During the exhibition, as wearing a mask is compulsory, the aisles of the exhibition will be two-way traffic.

    - Entrances and exits will be differentiated, the doors will be used in one direction only.

Barrier gestures

All the barrier gestures will be applied during the exhibition.

    - Gel dispensers will be set up at the entrances to the exhibition, an agent will ensure that visitors apply gel to their hands before entering to the exhibition.

    - Self-service gel dispensers will also be set up in the aisles, catering areas and organisation areas.

The changing rooms will be equipped with a system for putting clothes under covers

    - All magazines, newspapers, maps, paper catalogues will be printed with a “STOP COVID, do not share”.

    - The paper documents distributed by the exhibition will be handed out in person. They will not be made available to the public on display stands.

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A) During the operating hours of the medical unit (SOGENA-MIP) Tél: 06 20 70 17 01

B) Outside the activation hours of the medical cell (VIPARIS)

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Telephone number PCS VIPARIS


00 33 1 41 69 21 18