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Webconference October 20 - Export markets and strategic partnerships
Tuesday October 20 / from 11:00am to noon


Xavier Pasco, Director, FRS
Thierry Carlier, Director of International Development, DGA
Massi Begous, Senior VP International Industrial Development, Naval Group
Vincent Carrié, CEO International Subsidiaries, Issartel




Webconference October 13 - Technological innovations and capacity shortfalls
Tuesday 13 October / from 11:00am to noon



Dr Martin Lundmark, Associate Professor in Systems science for defence and security, Swedish Defence University

Dr Jean-Jacques Patry, Senior Research Fellow, FRS

"Maneuvering-Salvos” and Robotic Swarms: Naval Warfare at a Crossroads

Daniel Scourzic, VP Strategic Programs, ECA ROBOTICS
The Future of Naval Mine Warfare

Jean Judde de Larivière, Technical and Operational Advisor, Future Systems Department, MBDA
New Advanced Technologies for Maritime Superiority

Olivier Kermagoret, Director, Defense Cloud, THALES
Combat Cloud and Naval Domain






Webconference September 29 - China / USA / Japan: power relations in the Indo-Pacific

Tuesday 29 September / from 11:00am to noon




Dr Bruno Tertrais, Deputy Director, Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS)


Dr Antoine Bondaz, Research Fellow, FRS

"The PLA as a new era world-class army": China's military amibitions and regional concerns.

Philippe Gros, Senior Research Fellow, FRS

"Regain the advantage", the evolution of US naval warfighting concepts and posture: how to keep on with Chinese military assertiveness and related capabilities challenges

Dr Valérie Niquet, Senior Research Fellow, FRS

Japan at a strategic crossroads in a uncertain strategic landscape