CSR Policy

Committed to a CSR approach, Corporate Social Responsibility, SOGENA is certified as ISO 20 121.
Being fully aware of the current environmental, societal and economic issues at stake, SOGENA wished to commit to a Corporate Social Responsibility policy, in particular by meeting the requirements of the ISO 20 121 standard (the reference document for supporting and accompanying the implementation of CSR policies within the event industry).
Sogena is structuring its commitments around 3 complementary objectives, to be used as the foundations of its CSR policy for future years.

Objective 1: To mobilise suppliers and service providers via a responsible purchasing policy.
The majority of on-site impacts are related to services that are outsourced to suppliers (e.g. installation, cleaning, printing…). Sogena wishes to involve its service providers in its CSR policy by guaranteeing the environmental and societal quality of the products and services offered.  

Objective 2: To accompany and promote CSR processes implemented by exhibitors for setting up and working their stands.
Stand construction represents a significant environmental impact. Sogena would like to encourage eco-design for fittings, under the responsibility of each exhibitor, by providing specific tools and services.  

For the launch of its CSR policy, exhibitors can download free of charge Sogena’s CSR guide. CLICK HERE

Objective 3: To implicate collaborators and raise their awareness of the CSR policy.
In order to be successful, the CSR policy needs to be shared. Sogena is encouraging all its permanent and temporary collaborators to take part in this company project.  

Objective 4: Analyze and optimize the environmental impacts of our activities​

We are all affected and all involved! For any questions, remarks or help about the Sogena’s CSR policy, please contact : rse@euronaval.fr