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Official Supplier


EURONAVAL has appointed Revolugo as the only official travel agency for EURONAVAL 2024 participants.

Revolugo is the official travel agency partner of the EURONAVAL 2024 world naval defence show.

The agency enables business travellers to find accommodation anywhere in the world quickly and easily. For the World Naval Defence Exhibition, they are offering a wide choice of accommodation at specially negotiated rates close to the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre and throughout Paris: from flats and hostels to 5-star luxury hotels.

With our partner, you will be guaranteed that your hotel reservation, data and personal information will be protected and secure.

Book as soon as possible to benefit from specially negotiated rates via the Revolugo portal.

Useful information

For group booking/tour package :
email :
tel : +33 (0)1 80 06 62 88 (Toll free – from 9am to 7pm)

Beware of hotel fraud and scams

Unfortunately, many fraudulent companies or hotel resellers always try to contact EURONAVAL attendees posing as affiliated companies with EURONAVAL offering deals and discounts on hotels. We strongly advise you to book through our only official travel agent Revolugo

How do these frauds work?

You may receive a few months prior the show some emails from agents or resellers with discounts and/or hotel offers. Some companies often imitate EURONAVAL name in their address to be seen as legitimate providers.
We strongly recommend you to only trust our agent and avoid those housing scammers.
For instance, they might ask payment for you to receive discounts. If you choose to work with those unofficial vendors, we cannot assure you that those reservations have been made with selected hotels.
You might realize you just lost money you won’t be able to get back.
Please make sure to book your hotel reservations directly through the Revolugo widget above on this page, by clicking on the booking link here.
If you have any questions related to your trip, please contact

Avoid fraud

  • Book through our Official Housing Partner, Revolugo. Revolugo is a trusted travel agent working with the biggest exhibition organizers worldwide.
  • Do not pay attention even if EURONAVAL name and/or logo on unofficial providers’ websites. The only accommodation platform by EURONAVAL  authorized to use your name and logo is Revolugo.
  • If you choose another travel agent, make sure to check online their reputation and history before payment.

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